The story of: Mr. Webdesign

A white label web development agency with a mission to help other agencies achieve sustainable growth.

How it all started. Our founder, Ilias Sakali, studied business in university and always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After taking a course on entrepreneurship, he knew he wanted to give the entrepreneurial adventure a chance. So, in 2017, he started freelancing in various digital fields, including copywriting, web design, and web development.

Ilias quickly gained a reputation as a reliable and talented freelancer, and was hired by various agencies. As he worked with these agencies, he saw firsthand how many of them struggled to achieve sustainable growth due to a lack of capacity in the web development space.

This is where Ilias saw an opportunity. An entrepreneur naturally wants to grow his business as much as possible and not miss out on any sales. Ilias wanted to come up with a way to help these entrepreneurs to achieve this goal. He saw the solution in white label web development, so founded Mr. Webdesign in 2020. Our company specializes in white label web development services for agencies, and we quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality work in a short time span.

By offering this service to companies, we create more capacity, so that our partners never have to say no to a new project request. It also ensures lower risk, than hiring new employees, because by working with white label website development you are very flexible. In the busy months, you might need more extra hands, but if you have a less busy period, it would be easier to scale down. You can hire us whenever you need us.

Since then, we have been developing white label WordPress websites for our partners on a daily basis. The team has also grown over the years. In the meantime, our team consists of more than 15 heroes, who are really dedicated to Mr. Webdesign.

Our team works very hard to ensure pixel-perfect websites are developed for our partners. Within an average deadline of 3 weeks, we will make sure you have a website that meets all your customer’s expectations.

Our services go beyond just designing and developing WordPress websites. We can also take your Figma or Adobe XD design and turn it into a fully functional WordPress site. In addition, we can make modifications to your existing website to ensure it meets all of your needs. 

We can also handle the posting of content and any necessary bug fixes. Simply let us know what you require and we will take care of it.

What kind of partners do we work for?

We actually work for all agencies that offer (or want to offer) web design as a service. Think, for example, of advertising agencies, branding agencies, web design agencies or social media agencies.

Fast forward to 2023, and Mr. Webdesign has now proven itself, working with over 20 agency partners in the Netherlands. We’ve helped these agencies grow and thrive, and we’re excited to take our services abroad and continue making a positive impact in the world of web development.

White label web web development might be of interest to you. Our project managers are always available for questions and will be happy to tell you more about how to implement white label web design within your company. 

Want to know more about white label web development? Then take a look at our other blogs. 


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